Mariano Mollo


About me

I’m studying physics at Federico II University in Italy. I tinker with stuff and technology. Mostly FLOSS and decentralized services. Self-hosting decentralized software services. Contact me if you’d like guidance configuring services for your family or your non-profit, or check the listing . I know some Python; learning Fortran; sometimes read Clojure. Using Emacs. Appreciate spaced repetition. Shodan in aikido. Practiced prehistoric and medieval archery. Studied some quantum computing for a brief time. I build things in HTML and CSS; I don’t fancy JS a lot. Check my reading list and my personal library ; I give away many books I read.

I volunteer at Monachelle Community , a common in the city of Pozzuoli, near Naples, Italy. I manage the full tech stack, from domain name registration to graphics design, from copywriting to social media management. I’m managing and promoting the fundraising campaing for the project, comprising raising funds to defend volunteers in court, and raising funds to regenerate the abandoned area. Discover more and donate on Open Collective .

I volunteer at PONYS , a physics students' association promoting science in Naples, Italy. We work mainly on outreach, networking and professional development, organizing and participating at event online and offline.

PONYS at “Il Mattoncino” library

PONYS at “Il Mattoncino” library

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